Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions

Our help desk keeps track of the questions that our users ask.  When we see that a number of users have asked the same questions, we’ll post the questions (and the answers) here.  Email us at if you have any questions of your own, or need more information on the ones posted here.

Category:  Participation

  • I’ve entered participation on the wrong date.  How do I fix this?
    • Go to the incorrect entries and enter zero(s) for the participation time if the date entered was incorrect.  Then enter the correct entry on the correct date.  If it is a situation where the date is correct, but there was an incorrect amount of time entered, the correct time can be saved over the old information entered as long as the same names and activities are chosen.
  • How can I look up a single student’s participation?
    • Currently you can look at the base participation report by a single date or by a range of dates.  All the students will come up on the report, but the students are listed alphabetically.  A single attendee participation report is planned for a future release.

Category:  Enrollment

  • I see duplicate entries on my attendees list.  How do I remove duplicate attendee entries?
    • Often, there are multiple open enrollments for the same child.  If there are no overlapping dates and participation, the earlier enrollment can be terminated prior to the new enrollment date.  If the participation is mixed up between the two enrollments, you will need to contact the Help Desk ( .  In this situation, some participation will likely need to be re-entered.

Category:  Reporting

  • Why are students showing up twice on my 30/60/90 day report?
    • The reasons vary.  Often it is because there are duplicate enrollments and overlapping dates.  It is best to contact the Help Desk ( before attempting to fix the problem alone.

Category:  Staff Access and Logins

  • I have staff members that need access to TN-ELAP.  How do they get access?
    • Staff are able to register themselves.  They will need to go first to the website (here) and go to the registration section.
    • They will need to choose a user name (if they already had an account in the previous system, they can use the same user name as long as someone else is not using it)
    • They will need to choose a password that includes at least one capital letter, at least one number, and at least one symbol
    • They will need to notify the Help Desk for approval.  While their account is being approved, we recommend that they review the training materials on