Launch FAQ:

What is is the online portal to the new attendee database, formerly known as “the SWORPS”.  Two previous web applications ( and were combined, and now the new application has a single login for both.

What can I do at  Users can access system news, training resources, register for the data entry application, and login to the main data entry application itself.

Will the password I use to access user-only information on be the same password I will use for the data entry application?  No.  You will need your own private password and login to the data entry application.

I do not have a password to the user-only sections of  How do I get one?  You will need to contact your grantee director or contact the SWORPS helpdesk at

Will the password I use to access my information on SWORPS work with TN-ELAP?  No.  You will need a new registration.  The new site has enhanced security features which require a new account.

How do I get an account for the data entry application?  Go to the tab marked “Registration” and you will be instructed on how to register for an account.  Only approved personnel may have access to enter data.  Please see your grantee director for permission to have an account.

What is “transition” and how will it begin?  Application developers will take information previously entered into “SWORPS” and transfer it to TN-ELAP.  Your login to the old system will then no longer work.  You will need to register for the new system in order to continue entering data.

Will my current SWORPS data transfer?  Yes. If there is a problem with your data transfer, please let us know by emailing

Will my groups (from “Arbitrary Grouping”) transfer? Unfortunately, no.  Groups are associated with user accounts in the old system.  Due to the increased security of the new system, new accounts are needed, and so the groups cannot transfer.

How will I register for the site?  Instructions for registration are found on the registration tab of

What if I have questions or need help?  You are welcome to ask questions before, during, or after transition.  Email .

When will my site(s) transition?  Transitions will begin on November 1, 2016.

I have my registration information.  Where do I find training materials?  Training materials can be found on the “Training Materials” tab.  We will continue to add training materials, so check here frequently!

I’m ready to get started.  How do I access the site?  The image below will take you to the live site login page.  Accounts will be activated on November 1.

When will the old sites be inactivated?  the and sites will have user access turned off on October 31, 2016.

Are there any conditions that would cause an attendee’s record not to transfer?  Data cannot be transferred if the data types don’t match.  For example, if an attendee record has a date of birth entered that is not a date, or is so far in the past or future that it is not possible to use, then that data cannot be transferred.

I see data for the current school year.  When will the previous school year’s data be imported? After the initial rollout period of TN-ELAP has completed, we will begin migrating the previous year’s data.