Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions

Our help desk keeps track of the questions that our users ask.  When we see that a number of users have asked the same questions, we’ll post the questions (and the answers) here.  Email us at if you have any questions of your own, or need more information on the ones posted here.

Category:  Reporting on last year’s data

  • How can I see reports for previous year’s data?
    • Select the grantee and center, then enter the date range for the previous year.

Category:  Attendee State ID

  • Where do I find the State ID for a student?
    • These are issued by the State of Tennessee, but are found in your local school system’s student management system (e.g. Skyward, Star Student).  We do not have access to these systems.
  • The state ID I am trying to enter is already in place in another student record.  What do I do?
    • Send the old id and the new id (we do not need the student name) to We will help correct the data.

Category: Activities

  • I hear activities are changing. I have entered activities under the old structure.  What will happen to those activities?
    • No activities or participation will be deleted.
    • Previously entered activity/participation for 2018-2019 school year will be mapped to the new activities based on input from TDOE.

Category: Fall 2018 Data Entry

  • I’ve logged in and the system tells me that my account is not approved, but I have always used this account.  What do I do?
    • We are currently editing accounts to include the new grantees and centers.  We expect to have those complete soon.  When your account is ready, will email you.
    • If you do not think the scenario above is the issue, please send an email to and we will assist.
  • Will my attendee enrollment transfer over?
    • Per instructions, all attendees were unenrolled from all programs.
    • Attendees were not deleted, and their participation was not deleted.
    • Attendees will need to be re-enrolled for the site they attend.
  • I do not see the center I need.  How do I fix this?
    • Email and we can make sure that you have access to that center.
    • If the center is not entered, and we do not have information for it, we may need additional information so that we can check with the grantor (TDOE)
  • My center is listed as LEAPS grantee when it is a 21st CCLC grantee (or vice versa).  What do I do?
    • Email and we will check the information we have been given.  We may need to check with the grantor as well.
  • I am new to the system.  Can someone talk me through it?
    • It may be challenging to set up a timely one-on-one session.  There is a new user webinar scheduled for 9/21.  Please be on the lookout for details from TDOE.
    • We recommend viewing the training videos on as a quick-start method. These videos are usually around 5 minutes long and address basic activities that will help get you started.
    • If you need additional training, please email .  We’ll help you determine if a webinar, regional training, or other method would work best.

Category:  Participation

  • I’ve entered participation on the wrong date.  How do I fix this?
    • Go to the incorrect entries and enter zero(s) for the participation time if the date entered was incorrect.  Then enter the correct entry on the correct date.  If it is a situation where the date is correct, but there was an incorrect amount of time entered, the correct time can be saved over the old information entered as long as the same names and activities are chosen.
  • How can I look up a single student’s participation?
    • Currently you can look at the base participation report by a single date or by a range of dates.  All the students will come up on the report, but the students are listed alphabetically.  A single attendee participation report is planned for a future release.

Category:  Enrollment

  • I see duplicate entries on my attendees list.  How do I remove duplicate attendee entries?
    • Often, there are multiple open enrollments for the same child.  If there are no overlapping dates and participation, the earlier enrollment can be terminated prior to the new enrollment date.  If the participation is mixed up between the two enrollments, you will need to contact the Help Desk ( .  In this situation, some participation will likely need to be re-entered.

Category:  Reporting

  • I need to see reports for my site for the previous year.  How do I do this?
    • Even sites that are no longer active have reporting available.
    • Choose the grantee/site for which you need a report, choose the report, then choose the date range for which you need the report.
  • Why are students showing up twice on my 30/60/90 day report?
    • The reasons vary.  Often it is because there are duplicate enrollments and overlapping dates.  It is best to contact the Help Desk ( before attempting to fix the problem alone.
  • What are the differences in the Participation reports and Regular Attendee reports?
    • Participation reports count all participation, for regular attendees as well as other attendees.
    • Regular Attendee reports require an average of at least an hour participation for 30 days to be counted as a regular attendee.
  • When will the Grades reports be issued?
    • By October 24.  Please let us know if you have not received yours.
  • When will we receive the re-issued Teacher Survey reports?
    • By October 25.  Please let us know if you have not received yours.
  • Why are the Teacher Survey reports being reissued?
    • The re-issued Teacher Survey reports use the TDOE requirement of at least an average of one hour participation for 30 days.  The previous report did not include that requirement.

Category:  Staff Access and Logins

  • I have staff members that need access to TN-ELAP.  How do they get access?
    • Staff are able to register themselves.  They will need to go first to the website (here) and go to the registration section.
    • They will need to choose a user name (if they already had an account in the previous system, they can use the same user name as long as someone else is not using it)
    • They will need to choose a password that includes at least one capital letter, at least one number, and at least one symbol
    • They will need to notify the Help Desk for approval.  While their account is being approved, we recommend that they review the training materials on
  • I have a log in from last year, but I cannot log in this year.  What should I do?
    • All user accounts need re-approval for data entry for Fall 2018.
    • You do not need to create a new login.
    • Email and let the helpdesk know that your account needs to be re-approved.