What is TN-ELAP.org? TN-ELAP.org is the user support portal for users of the online database TN-ELAP. Two previous web applications were combined for an application with a single login.

What can I do at TN-ELAP.org? Users can access system news, training resources, register for a user account, and log into the data entry application.

How do I get an account for the data entry application? Only approved personnel may have access to enter data. To register for an account, fill out and submit our online registration form. Next, contact your Grantee (or Project) Director and provide them with your ELAP username and user email. See New User Account Approval & Activation Process for more information. 

I’ve registered and my account has been approved. Where do I log in? Just click the button on our Home page!

I’d like to get started on my own. Where do I find training materials? Training materials can be found on the Resource Center page. We will continue to add training materials, so check frequently!

What should I do first? Check to make sure your grantee and center information are correct. Then, check your attendees to make sure your list is accurate, especially students’ current grade levels. If you need help adding or re-enrolling attendees, check out this video!

What if I have questions or need help? Want pointers on data entry? Have questions about a report? Need clarification on a feature? Email sworpshelpdesk@utk.edu and we’ll be happy to assist.