Any time you have questions, please let us know.  We can be reached at

Edit Participation feature progress: PLEASE NOTE:  based on your feedback, we will be re-tooling and updating the Edit Participation feature.  In the meanwhile, we created an update that restores some of the previous features. Stay tuned for more information.

Important dates have been updated: We’ve put together a one-page flyer here:  TDOE Important Dates 2019-20_V3

Data entry is now open for Fall 2019: Check out the one-page “Welcome back: 2019-2020 School Year and TN-ELAP” in our training materials for a brief checklist on what to do first.

Annual ELAP Attendee deactivation will occur on August 15.  No participation or attendee records will be deleted.  This is to ensure that our data are correct for the upcoming school year and that rosters match student participation.  After deactivation, students may be re-enrolled at the center for the upcoming school year. Thank you for your help!

New training materials are available on See “Training Materials.”

Student ID field for Attendees: Please remember to use the seven-digit state student identification numbers when entering participants in ELAP for the upcoming school year.

Fall 2019 Grantees and Sites: Each year before Fall data entry begins, we update the Grantees and Sites to reflect the current grant awards and cohorts. We typically receive those in late August and have them complete in early September.  Please watch for more information on Fall 2019 data entry.  We look forward to working with all of you again!

Fall 2019 site cleanup: We will be performing some site cleanup of users and attendees before Fall 2019 data entry begins.  Please hold your Fall data entry until site maintenance is complete.

Welcome our new trainer! Please welcome Abby Wintker to the TN-ELAP team!  Abby is a training specialist who will be working with to provide web training, onsite training, and technical support.

Update to participation entry screen: On 2/12/2019, users will be able to customize individual attendee participation on the group participation entry screen!  If you remember the “Mass Fill Attendance” from previous versions, you may find this familiar.  Updated training materials are on their way!

Page timeout has been extended: The application will time out after 40 minutes of inactivity.  At that time, the user will be directed to the login page.

Reports have been standardized: The 30-60-90 day report and other reports using “Regular Attendee” have been standardized to match the TDOE APR definition of Regular Attendee.  A Regular Attendee is an individual who has averaged <= 1 hour participation for 30 days during a school year.

Changes to activities: Activities have been changed to better match the way the APR collects activity information related to participation.

Addition of ESL field: ESL is a newly available field for data collection in ELAP.

On-site training: Please email us if you feel your sites need on-site training.  There are options available for assistance.