Important News & Holiday Changes

Greetings ELAP Users:

SWORPS wanted to keep you current on all things ELAP, so this post will be touching on several topics.

First, there’s a data quality check coming up this week on November 10th. Make sure you have the following information entered: State Issued Student ID, FRPL, SpEd, and ELL status. You’ll also want to make sure that you have marked (or flagged) your students as 21st CCLC or LEAPs participants in the student information system (or SIS) used by your LEA. For assistance with your SIS, you will need to contact your LEA’s IT person.

Second, the Data Quality Check date for Early Literacy has been postponed as our development team is still working on the update for our system. SWORPS will always posts about changes in scheduling in User News, but you can always check the live calendar for the most current information for data quality checks and for training dates.

Third, with the holiday season upon us, we know how hectic things can get so we wanted to remind you that SWORPS follows UTK’s administrative schedule when it comes to operating dates. Again, you can check the live calendar for changes to scheduled training times and for holiday closing dates; we’ve also listed our holiday closings below. Make a note on your calendar!

Thanksgiving Break – November 23rd – 24th

Winter Break – December 22nd – January 1st

And don’t forget to come see us on Thursday, November 9th at the TDOE Extended Learning Hours meeting where the SWORPS team will be available to answer questions and Don will be discussing how you to use your attendance data. Our next SWORPS Open Office Hours will be on Tuesday, November 14th at 10 am EST. **Be on the lookout for a User News post containing your meeting invite. We are testing a new Zoom feature to help us collect better data! Exciting!**

Fourth, let’s talk about local evaluation. It’s important to remember that this is site specific. Each site will have seven SMART goals – one for each performance indicator. That means a program operating three sites will be expected to create 21 SMART goals. A program operating ten sites would  be expected to create 70 SMART goals. Of course, no SMART goal is required for performance indicators that are not applicable to the program – for example, a site serving high school students would not create a smart goal pertaining to state assessment scores.

And finally, some of you may have noticed an attendee missing from your list while you are in the Absence/ISS screen. This is most likely because their grade didn’t change in the system. We are aware of the issue and are attempting to address it. In the meantime, if you do see this happening, you can correct this by promoting and then demoting the attendee’s grade in the Edit Selected Attendee screen of ELAP. If you have any questions about how to complete this action, please contact the Help Desk at