Welcome to the new program year ELAP Users! Here at SWORPS, we are excited to see everyone back and look forward to a successful program year. As most of you know, we have updated several processes in the ELAP database and as expected, there are just a few bugs. Please read the information below carefully and reach out to the Help Desk if you have any questions or issues!

New Account Registration & Activation Hiccup

To register a new user account, each user will follow the instructions as they are listed in the New User Account Approval & Activation Process guide; however, instead of selecting your own site/center during registration, you will instead select New Project Director and the Center option provided. When Project Directors submit their User Request list to the Help Desk for user approval and activation, they should be providing user’s full name, username, user email address, grantee, and site(s). Once SWORPS staff receives that information, we will request approval and activation for user accounts in the ELAP system.

Project Directors – after your account has been approved and activated, please make sure to certify your site(s) using the Site Certification Guide. It’s important that SWORPS has current information for each Grantee’s sites. Reach out to the Help Desk if you have any issues during this process.

Thanks for your patience as we work through these new processes!