So Much ELAP News!

For those who attended SWORPS Open Office Hours today, thanks for showing up and asking questions! We’re always glad to answer. For those of you who missed it, no worries – this news post will provide a recap and links to resources as well as upcoming data quality check dates and other news. 

Some of you may have noticed that there’s been several change to the Attendees page. That’s because you asked for it, and SWORPS delivered! We have moved all the data that was once collected on the Performance tab to individual screens that will pull in only those participants who require the data (e.g., only 3rd – 8th graders will appear in the Assessments screen). The Early Literacy button appears for programs that have K – 2nd grade participants and will collect fall and spring reading screener scores for those participants. This relates to Performance Goal 7: Early learners will reach high academic standards demonstrating growth in Reading. Those sites entering Early Literacy Screener data will select from the state approved screeners provided in the dropdown menu and enter the overall nationally normed composite score (reported as a nationally normed percentile score the participant received on the screener: 0 – 99%). This information is is stored in different places in each school data system and on each report, so SWORPS does not have any guidance on how to locate it. All sites should work with their school/district to obtain those scores

The short version of that is you are now able to enter and edit data for absences and ISS, GPA performance, state assessments and early literacy screener scores. You can find How-To guides for each of these processes in our online Resource Center. Feel free to reach out to the Help Desk with questions. And don’t forget, always use UTK’s Vault for sending FERPA protected data! 

Be aware – there are important things happening, so make sure to keep up with our Important Dates Calendar and User News page. January is closing out on two important dates – 1/26: Data Quality Check – Teacher Emails; 1/31: Mid Year Reports Due. February welcomes in Family Surveys opening and the Data Quality Check dates for the previous year’s GPA Performance data (on 2/23) and the Early Literacy Screener fall scores (on 2/29). There are also  multiple SWORPS Office Hours and TDOE Extended Learning Hours scheduled! 

To recap today’s Office Hours, the SWORPS team reviewed the slides for Introduction to Local Evaluation and discussed examples of SMART goals for reach Performance Indicator. We also had time to answer several questions about other topics, including questions related to the weather’s impact on scheduling. For those of you who are/were impacted by the recent snow storm, you will have no entries for the dates missed. 

Finally, the most exciting news – SWORPS will be back to do it again at the Extended Learning Hours meeting on Thursday 1/25! Bring your questions and thoughts to the meeting, and let us know how we can help you with your SMART goals!