Local Evaluation Resources

Today we hosted the first SWORPS Open Office Hours of the year and were happy to see such a good turnout. The focus in all of this month’s sessions will be on Local Evaluation, in order to help Cohort 2023 prepare for the Midyear Report (and beyond). We had some great questions and received some template requests, so we’ve included it all in this post. 

The Resource List below contains fillable templates to help you develop your SMART goals as well as PDF copies of the presentations “Interpreting your Performance Indicator Reports” and “Introduction to Local Evaluation“. 

Q & A covers the questions asked during today’s session. This will be updated as we continue to host sessions throughout the month. If you have a question that’s not on the list, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk

*Don’t forget we have Local Evaluation sessions scheduled on 1/11/24, 1/24/24, and 1/25/24. Check Important Dates for times and meeting links! 

Resource List

Q & A

The mid-year report is due on January 31, 2024. You can see all due dates posted on our Important Dates page. 

Local Evaluation is a federal requirement for 21st CCLC sites, part of the FY23 RFA, and is being piloted with the 2023 Cohort. 

Local Evaluation Requirements:

  • Site specific
  • Address all Performance Indicators
  • Conducted annually
  • Publicly available reports

For the midyear report for PY2023-2024, each site will include the following for each Performance Indicator: 

  • What is your SMART goal?
  • What is your data source and how will you analyze it?

For the final report for PY2023-2024, SWORPS will provide a template and will post it on the Resource Center page as well as in a User News announcement. 

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. They help you to write goals that are clear, attainable and meaningful.

Grantees can use ELAP reports and school-wide assessments like iReady, MAP, etc. 

Templates for local evaluation can be found in the Resource List above and on the Resource Center page of the ELAP website.

PY2023-2024 Local Evaluation is only being piloted with the 2023 Cohort. 

Yes! Jessica and Emily will review the SMART goals submitted in the mid year reports and provide feedback and training assistance. 

Per TDOE, “all LEAPs will complete local evaluation as it was written into the FY24 RFA.”

Each site will complete one SMART goal per Performance Indicator for a total of seven SMART goals. 

For example, if a grantee has six sites, that grantee will complete a total of 42 SMART goals. 

High School programs do not have to create an early literacy SMART goal because they do not serve students in K-2. 

IF your district or feeder school doesn’t use ISS as a discipline tool